Ondo State
Land Records Bureau


About Us

Ondo State Land Records Bureau is a government department commissioned in 2012 to register the ownership of land in Ondo State covering all the 18 Local Government Areas in the State. The Bureau keeps and maintains the Land Register, where more than 40000 Titles – the evidence of ownership – are documented. Once land is entered in the register, the Bureau records any ownership changes, mortgages or leases that affects it. The world-class electronic system provides accessibility to Ondo State land records from any online location in the world. Our goal is to put the customer, quality and innovation at the heart of land registration services.

Prior to the creation of Ondo State from the Old Western State in 1976, the land registry transaction was administered by the Old Western State land records. After the creation of the state, the activities were handed over to the Akure Land Registry. With the provisions of the Land Instrument Registration Law CAP 54 of the laws of Ondo State 1978, the registry was organized and placed under the Department of Land Services of the Ministry of Lands and Housing.

With the need to move from the existing paper-based method of land registry to digitized way of land registry, the Bureau was commissioned to enable registered users to conduct a secured electronic title and survey transactions in real time, thereby automating and speeding up the traditional (and sometimes prolonged and complex) manual processes. The Land Records Bureau modernizes the way it records and manages land ownership. This system guarantees to the owners of every converted property that they are actually the owners.

Mission and Vision


To eliminate obstacles in the acquisition of land title and fraud in transactions involving land, by providing superior customer service through a transparent, streamlined, and expedited process in the application, issuance, title search, and overall management of all land related matters.


To be the reference point for best-in-class Land Records Management Service in Nigeria and beyond

Departments and Services

The bureau is made up of the following Departments: Land Services, Deeds & Planning, Survey & Mapping and Finance & Administration

  1. Deemed Right & Deeds Department

    The Deeds Department is saddled with the responsibility of issuing title certificate for privately owned land. Deed Registry is a section under the Deeds Department. It warehouse all completed deeds or instruments and grants upon request certified true copies of registered instruments. It also conducts searches to reveal the status of registered instruments for the public.

  2. Land Services Department

    The Land Services Department has the following sections:

    • Valuation and Housing: The section is in charge of all valuation requests from the ministries departments and government Agencies. It manages urban and rural housing estates and government buildings within and outside the state.

    • Acquisition and Compensation: The section deals with valuation for compulsory acquisitions and purchases in the state. It also deals with all derequisition matters and processes compensation claims in respect of Federal, State and Local Governments.

    • Development and Management: The section deals with the management of all government estates throughout the state and the provision of infrastructural facilities within the estates. It also processes applications for direct grants on residential, commercial and industrial estates.

  3. Survey & Mapping Department

    The Survey & Mapping department develops, maintains and distributes the state’s primary geographic information including the Ondo State’s Coordinate Reference System, the Ondo State Address File, the Ondo State Property Records Database, and the Ondo State Aerial Photography Collection.

  4. Finance & Administration Department

    The Finance & Administration department is responsible for the financial and administrative management of the Bureau.

Advantages of Land Records Bureau Online Service

Saves time and hassle

Access to the Land Records Bureau digital records eliminates time spent waiting to search existing paper Records. Converted records are easy to read, reducing the time and hassle of deciphering old handwriting or faded and worn documents.

Improvement in the quality, consistency and accuracy of data

Land Records Bureau provides better customer service and more reliable accurate documentation. The quality of information available to users will improve with the transition from a paper based to digitized based record keeping. Quality Check and Quality Assurance have resulted in more accurate records being held in the Bureau.

Enhanced security

The Bureau has put in place technical and security measures to safeguard against threats to the integrity of the titles register and digital cadastre. The measures ensure that all the title records and survey plans are securely backed up on a regular basis.

Easy to use

The Land Records Bureau website has been designed in a way to make it user friendly and to meet the needs of the public. The FAQ section has important information and guide to help users with using and navigating the site.

Ease of Access to Records

As 98 percent of records are accessed from electronic land information held in the Ondo State Land Records Bureau, users are able to search and locate records outside their region or area and easily do bulk search.

Real time updating of Records

Survey Plans and Title Document are processed directly into Land Records Bureau website. Users have the opportunity to check and see a current status of their application. This means that whenever users log on, they receive the most up-to-date information available.