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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on General

What are the service hours of LRB Online Services?

24 Hours a day.

What are the services provided by LRB Online Services?

Online Title Search

Online Application for C of O

Application Status Check

Can I conduct land title search by phone or on the Internet?

Land title search cannot be conducted by phone. However, land title search can be conducted by using online title search services found in the LRB website. You may also visit any of the Land Records Bureau Offices located close to the Governor's office, Alagbaka or along Oyemekun road to conduct a land title search in person.

Can you give me your office address?

Our office addresses within the State are;
  • Ondo State Land Records Bureau, Governor's Office, Alagbaka Akure
  • Area Lands Office, within Ministry of Works premises, Oyemekun Road, Akure
  • Area Lands Office, within Ministry of Works premises, along Ademulegun Road, Ondo
  • Area lands Office, GRA, Owo
  • Area Lands Office, Tanimoowo Shopping Complex, Secretariat Road, Ikare Akoko
  • Area Lands Office, GRA, Oke Oyinbo, Okitipupa
  • Area Lands Office, VIO within Ministry of Works premises, opposite Adebayo Group of School off Old` Lagos Road, Ore
  • Area Lands Office, within Town Planning Office, STD Odode, Idanre

Can I do a land title search by using the owners' name?

Yes, provided the property is registered.

Can I access registration information by address?


What kind of documents should I bring to conduct a land title search?

No documents are required to do a land title search. Nonetheless, you will need to know or have the following information;
  • Land Owner's Name
  • Property location
  • Survey Plan No

What kind of information is available on the digitized land records?

A digitized land records comprises 3 sections. You can obtain different information from each section.
(a) Property Particulars
  • Land Address
  • Share of Land for Multiple Owners
  • Lease Term (Commencement Date, Right of Renewal )
  • Rent Per annum
(b) Owner Particulars
  • Name of Owners
  • Historical Owner (Chain of Title)
  • Current Owner
  • Capacity (if not Sole Owner)
  • Joint Tenants
  • Tenants in Common
  • Date of Instrument (Transaction)
  • Date of Registration
(c) Encumbrances
The encumbrances section contains the land documents which affect the property but may not change the ownership.

I have changed my name. What should I do to change it on my title?

If you are a holder of a C of O, you will need to obtain and submit an application form for surrender of your title which will be accompanied with the proof of change of name. When the application is accepted, you will be required to produce a new Survey Plan reflecting the new name.

How do I add my partners name to my property title?

If you already hold a C of O you will need to obtain an application form for surrender of your title. Then you and your partner will apply for the re-issuance of a new C of O. Please note that your partner will be required to submit the necessary document for application of C of O.(see question 'what document do I need to make an application')

How do I change ownership of title?

Apply for governor's consent to assign

Do I require my spouse's consent in order to dispose of an interest in my property?

Your spouse's consent is only required if you are joint owners of the title.

What do I do when a property owner dies?

When a person dies and their property or land will be inherited by someone else, it is normally necessary to register the change of ownership with us. How you do this will depend on what the person who died owned. There are three options.

  • The person who died owned registered land.
  • The person who died owned unregistered land.
  • I am not sure whether the person who died owned any land.

The person who died owned registered land If they were the sole owner, or sole surviving owner and you have either probate or letters of administration, you can:
  • Transfer the property to the person(s) who inherits it
  • Transfer the property to someone else
  • Register the personal representatives of the person who died

All cases your completed forms must be accompanied by:
  • An official copy of the probate or letters of administration (We will return these to you)
  • Stamp duty land tax certificate where necessary,
  • The appropriate fee.
If the person who died was a joint owner with someone who is still living, you should register the death with us.
The person who died owned unregistered land
The land must be registered for the first time once the transfer has taken place. If the person who has died is a joint owner and at least one other joint owner is still living, you do not need to involve the Land Records Bureau. But you can register the property voluntarily if you wish.
I'm not sure whether the person who died owned any land
In most cases the person who died will have title deeds for any land or property they owned. These deeds might be:
  • At home
  • Held for safe keeping by a solicitor or bank
  • Held by the lender as security (If the land is mortgaged).
If you think the land might be registered then you can request ownership documents from us. If you are the personal representatives, you can also contact us to search by the property owner's name.

If the holder of a C of O dies without a Will, What can be done?

The heir(s) to or the successor(s) in title should apply to the Administrator General of the State for a Letter of Administration
  • The devolution of title should be done through the family using the customary laws operating in the area where the deceased comes from.

I have misplaced my C of O, what do I do?

Write an application to the chief registrar of deeds department of the Ondo State Land Records Bureau for a certified true copy

What is a Caveat?

It is something said or written as a warning or caution. It can also be an official request to a court not to proceed with a case without notice to the person making the request.

What is Power of Attorney?

It is the legal authority to act for another person in legal and business matters.

How do I go about subdividing my land?

Apply for consent to subdivide.

How can I protect my property from fraud?

Your land/property is probably the most valuable asset you own. That's why it's important you do whatever you can to protect it from the risk of fraud. Fraudsters do target landed properties for fraud; This is most commonly done by pretending to be you and either selling or mortgaging your home. You can help to make sure that you do not become a victim of land/property fraud by:

  • Registering your land/property
  • Keeping your contact details up to date