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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Private Land

What type of application can I make on the LRB Website?

  • Application for Certificate of Occupancy(Applicant is an Individual)
  • Application for Certificate of Occupancy(Applicant is an Organization)
  • Online search for Certificate of Occupancy

How can I apply for a Certificate of Occupancy?

Application for a certificate of occupancy can be done in two major ways:.
  • The Traditional Application
  • It means the applicant walks into the Land Records Bureau's Office to fill and submit an application form
  • The Online Application
  • With the online application, applicants only need to log into the LRB website and click on the application section then fill and submit C of O application without time and place constraints.

How long does the C of O Application takes?

  • 1. Online Application: Ten (10) Business Days
  • 2. Traditional Application; A little more longer than the online application.

How much does it cost to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy?

Please Click here to get to the self-assessment tool to access the cost of obtaining a C of O.

What is Stamp Duty?

Stamp duty is a tax charged on land transaction. No registrable deed can be registered without stamp duty.

How is Stamp Duty calculated?

The cost is determined by the stamp duty office of the Board of Internal Revenue. ₦5 is charged on every N200 of the premium reflected on the C of O. where there is a transfer of interest in land (covered by a C of O) by a deed of Assignment, 6% of the consideration is charged.

How do I make an Online Application for a C of O?

You go to the Homepage of the Land Records Bureau website, and click on the apply icon or click on this link Apply Now to apply.

Do I have to register to start an application?

Yes, you have to.

What do I need to start a registration?

An active email address for validation purpose.

What documents do I need to make an application?

The documents needed vary depending on the type of application.
    For an Individual/Joint Application
  • Scanned passport photograph of applicant;
  • Scanned original copy of approved survey plan;
  • Scanned Evidence of ownership (either any of family receipt/ sworn affidavit of ownership/ sales agreement);
  • Scanned three years development levy receipt; and
  • Feasibility Report if land is ABOVE 5000m2.
  • Corporate Application
  • Scanned copy of certificate of incorporation;
  • Scanned copy of feasibility report (for property above 5000m2); and
  • Scanned copy of security report/ fire service report (for filling station).