Ondo State
Land Records Bureau


Olusegun Mimiko Embraces Aggressive Capitalism

The former Governor of Ondo State, Dr Olusegun Mimiko unveiled the mystery of capitalism as part of his Urban Renewal Strategies. Governor Olusegun Mimiko Commissioned the State's Digitalized Land Record Bureau on Tuesday, July 10, 2012 at the State Secretariat for archival presentation of records of land in the state. At the commissioning of this mega stride in innovative governance , Dr. Olusegun Mimiko laid emphasis on the economic value land has, which makes it serve beyond its farming state to an economic valuable item for exchange rate, but only when it has been formally entitled and a Certificate Of Ownership given to the effect. In his speech, he said land bureau is a journey to economic empowerment because it is the beginning of aggressive capitalization in Ondo State. This Bureau, according to Mimiko, has been set up to ease the difficulty Ondo State people face in establishing titles to land and property and to stop the extralegal system of land acquisition(informal sector) which makes it difficult to use land as collateral for loans and any other business development purposes, and to enhance land and property ownership rights and easy capital generating processes from any financial institutions who will be able to access the computerized streamlined land record through the deployment of secure online services for land title, from the point of application to issuance of statutory document of ownership. Dr Mimiko explained that this new development as a win win package where everyone is happy because the little token to be paid for this service will boost the State IGR (Internally Generated Revenue) which will be used for urban renewal and development purposes like building of more Infrastructures, health care centers and so on, which will make the state attractive for foreign investors. He therefore enjoined the people of Ondo State to get their land certified so as to chase poverty away from the land. In his open remark speech, the Commissioner for Lands and Housing Dr. Bade Omoloja said this is a government agenda to create wealth for the good people of Ondo State through aggressive capitalization of land resources. He submitted that before the advent of Mimiko's led administration, there was nothing on ground to facilitate the establishment of land bureau that can meet up with the advancement of information and technology in modern times. Thus, he appreciates the governor for this initiative and support for this project that has taken so much money at the crucial time when so many capital projects are competing for the mega resources of the state. Present at the event was Professor Akin Mabogunje who was the Former Chairman on Presidential Technical Committee on Land Reform and also a foremost Professor of Geography. In his goodwill message, he sees this giant step as a great one in helping the common man to realize himself and what he has, which are "his hands and the land" on which he was born